Founded by Frank Li in 2005, West-East International, Inc. (W.E.I.) is an import-export firm, aiming at bridging the gaps between the West and the East. Currently, W.E.I. represents several Chinese companies in the US as well as several US companies in China.

In China, we help US companies form joint ventures, mostly in the arenas of Information Technology and Manufacturing. We also help US companies market their products.

In the US, we help Chinese companies market their products - our quality is the best in class, and our price unbeatable! Specifically,

  1. Weighing industry: We represent two top Chinese manufacturers in the US. Many of our products are NTEP and OIML certified.

  2. Carpet-Jet: We represent a top Chinese company selling "Carpet-Jet" in the US.
A few words on trading the human history is a history of trading, for which money was invented. It is through trading that we survive and prosper

Now, our value we value integrity, fairness and lawfulness. We treat each and every customer with respect, and we expect the same in return.
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